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          Welcome 中文 ไทย 한걸

          Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association is the national peak sex worker organisation in Australia.

          This website is maintained by volunteer sex worker skills, energy and passion! To keep up to date with us on social media, like our Facebook page or follow us on twitter!

          To join Scarlet Alliance download the membership form or complete the NEW ON-LINE MEMBERSHIP FORM

          Scarlet Alliance recognise Australia is a country built upon Aboriginal land, we pay our respect to the elders and custodians of this land, current, past and future, and stand in solidarity with the struggles of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We are a proud member of the Anwernekenhe National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander HIV/AIDS Alliance (ANA).

          Release of NEW National BBV & STI Strategies

          AIVL & Scarlet Alliance Joint Media Release ahead of World AIDS Day 1 December 2018 CLICK HERE for more information.

          VALE Roberta Perkins

          Scarlet Alliance and SWOP NSW mourn the passing of academic, researcher, author and trans and sex worker rights activist Roberta Perkins.
          Roberta passed away yesterday afternoon 26th June, 2018. You can read more about her work and legacy HERE

          Portrait of Roberta Perkins by Nada DeCat

          My Health Record Information Brief for Sex Workers

          My Health Record (MHR) is an electronic health record and the MHR system is a centralised database that retains all the MHRs. The MHR system has been around for more than five years as an opt-in system. On the 16 July 2018, MHR will move to an opt-out model with a three-month period to actively remove consent to prevent a MHR being created for you by default. Scarlet Alliance has created a briefing sheet for sex workers on MHR and the potential benefits and risks of a MHR for sex workers. CLICK HERE for more information.

          Over 100 organisations support Statutes Amendment (Decriminalisation of Sex Work) Bill 2015

          Organisations from around the world have signed a letter of support for the South Australian Statutes Amendment (Decriminalisation of Sex Work) Bill 2015 that is soon to be voted on. You can read the letter HERE

          National Forum 13-15th Nov, 2018

          We held a very successful 3 day National Forum on 13-15 November, 2018 in Meeanjin/Brisbane, Queensland. Presentations, workshops, discussion and consultation combined with member report backs and our AGM & election. Our membership elected a mix of experienced and new committee, representative & spokesperson & doubles for 2018-19. Our Symposium at Brisbane parliament house was sold out and speakers received a standing ovation from the crowd. Our celebration night brought together sex worker political/comedic performance, outstanding hip hop and our favourite DJ plus our acclaimed WOTY Award winners. click here

          Each year the National Forum provides a fantastic opportunity for peers to network, share current information on trends and practices, participate in skill share workshops, inform Scarlet Alliance of state based issues affecting sex workers and be informed of Scarlet Alliance and our members’ activities. Our 2019 National Forum will be in Sydney.

          Resourced and organised: achieving formal recognition of sex workers’ skills in Australia (SANTAP)

          1st December, 2016: A new article has been published on the Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers website, showcasing the the Scarlet Alliance National Training and Assessment Program (SANTAP).

          "Over the past 15 years, Scarlet Alliance, the Australian Sex Worker Association, has developed and implemented an exciting and innovative national project that recognises the unique skills sex workers use while engaging in peer education within our communities and workspaces.

          The Scarlet Alliance National Training and Assessment Program (SANTAP) contains both a learning tool and an assessment framework. The learning tool provides new or existing sex worker peer educators the required knowledge and grounding; and the assessment framework offers sex workers the opportunity to have our peer education and community mobilisation skills formally recognised. On completion of the multi-module assessment process, participants are awarded a nationally recognised diploma...."

          Click to read full article (opens in new window)

          SANTAP (Scarlet Alliance National Training and Assessment Project) Sex Worker Peer Educators graduating with Diplomas

          Rose Alliance, Scarlet Alliance, ICW and INWUD Joint Submission: ‘Consultation seeking views on UN Women approach to sex work, the sex trade and prostitution’

          We appreciate UN Women’s decision to clarify your approach to sex work, as clarity and focus on sex workers with UN Women could improve sex workers’ access to their human rights and lead to stronger more effective programming and support. However, we must express our deep concern with the purpose and process of UN Women’s “Consultation seeking views on UN Women approach to sex work, the sex trade and prostitution.” Not only has the specific process of consultation been flawed, the premise and framing of the consultation are extremely problematic and pose a threat to hard fought progress to secure the rights and well-being of all sex workers. We demand a transparent, supportive consultation process where sex workers are meaningfully involved.

          AIVL, Scarlet Alliance, NAPWHA and AFAO Joint Media Release: Australian Communities Unite to Condemn the Mass Murder of People Who Use Drugs in the Philippines (13/10/2016)

          Since May 2016, it has been reported that over 3,700 people suspected of using and/or selling drugs have been murdered in the Philippines. These atrocities has been carried out with the explicit endorsement of Filipino President, Rodrigo Duterte: who has repeatedly encouraged the police and the general public to kill people suspected of being drug users and/or of dealing drugs. The bloodshed has drawn condemnation from the international community, including from here in Australia.

          AIVL and Scarlet Alliance Joint Media Release: For Some of Us, AIDS is Not Over (14/07/2016)

          Recent media reports have focussed on announcements made by researchers, clinicians and some community representatives declaring that “AIDS, as a national public health issue, is over.” While it’s true that significant achievements have been made in HIV, the benefits of this have not been experienced by all people affected by the virus in the same way.

          Transitional Funds from Tasmanian Department of Premier and Cabinet ensure Tasmanian Sex Worker Project remains open

          Scarlet Alliance is delighted and relieved to announce that the Tasmanian Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPaC) have provided the Tasmanian Sex Worker Project with transitional funds in order that essential services may continue. We wish to extend our sincere and heartfelt thanks to the many sex workers, supporters, community organisations, state politicians and candidates and legal sector colleagues for their invaluable support that has ensured this positive outcome. We'd like to give special thanks to the Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman and staff at DPaC for stepping up to ensure sex workers in Tasmania are not left behind.

          Decriminalisation Retained in NSW- Best Practice Model of Sex Work Industry Regulation

          On the 9th of May, 2016 the NSW government published their response to the inquiry and reaffirmed their commitment and support for decriminalisation as a best practice and successful model of regulation of the sex industry. Scarlet Alliance, SWOP (Sex Worker Outreach Project NSW) and Touching Base issued a joint media statement welcoming the decision.

          Scarlet Alliance CEO Jules Kim explained, “licensing and the re-introduction of police as regulators would have been a significant step backwards.” Touching Base President, Saul Ibister spoke of the relief they felt seeing, “the NSW Government take a sensible, evidence-based response.”

          In their response, the government wrote:

          “The NSW Government will continue its current body of work to examine the issues relating to the regulation of brothels, to ensure that any system meets community expectations, combats criminal activity and protects vulnerable individuals from exploitation. The NSW Government has considered the regulatory recommendations of the final report of the Select Committee's inquiry as part of this work, as well as evidence-based best practice internationally and domestically. However, the NSW Government will not be introducing the